I was introduced to Anna Borchert in early 2015 when she came on board as the social media manager for a crowdfunding campaign that was using my platform Seed&Spark to raise their funds. I had been worried about this particular campaign’s ability to communicate to their audience using social media which is a crucial tool to utilize for a successful crowdfunding campaign. With Anna onboard, I watched their engagement skyrocket and I know her work was directly responsible for many contributions pouring in. I have since hired and recommended Anna for many other projects and have seen her work with crowdfunding campaigns and films looking to expand their reach. Anna works very collaboratively and has a unique ability to jump into the world of the project and speak with its voice with ease and excitement. I highly recommend hiring her to anyone looking to expand their reach and real engagement on social media. The world of social media is full of lots of self proclaimed masters, Anna is the real deal and will significantly help any project she works with.

Erica Anderson
Seed & Spark Co-Founder
Head of Crowdfunding & Education

If I could have Anna working on every campaign that I manage, I would be a very happy camper!  Anna is top-notch when it comes to social media.  She knows how to build an authentic, thriving following for each of her individual clients, based on their needs and niches. She is a wiz at creating appropriate and engaging content, especially in high-traffic, high-stress level crowdfunding campaigns.  Additionally, Anna is a team player, and 100% dependable.  When Anna is leading the social media, I can relax knowing that I do not have to babysit or coach, I simply trust that she’s going to rock it, and she always does.

Leah Cevoli
Crowdfunding Coach

Since working with Anna I’ve launched a comedy album that hit #3 on iTunes, a music video that garnered 10,000 views in less than 12 hours, and filmed my first comedy special at a packed theater in Atlanta. Her expertise in social media and online branding played a crucial role in the success of these projects. Her fantastic services have been nothing short of a dazzling digital rebrand, gaining me A LOT of relevant followers on Twitter and Instagram. I am truly grateful for all her amazing work.

Josh Harris

Anna was essential to the success of our feature film crowd funding campaign for Keep the Change. We not only exceeded our fundraising goal within a month, but with Anna’s creative and thorough social media networking, we built a dedicated base of supporters who continue to care about our project.
Rachel Israel

Anna was amazing and an incredible asset during the crowdfunding campaign for our film, “The Gospel According to Stephenson.” From our end, it looked like Anna never slept – she was constantly working the crowd with Tweet after Tweet and post after post. Not once did we need to bug her to get to work – she was always on top of things.
John Schuermann


Anna knows that the social media frenzy is a business and she knows how to work it. Her vast knowledge of each different outlet and how to provide maximum outreach has helped us thoroughly understand our audience and how to connect to them! We are grateful for her mad skills.

Adriana Leonard